Date: 4/19/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

My mother wakes me up two times. Once to give me a medicine then I have half an hour, then she wakes me up again and I have fifteen minutes. So tonight I dreamt of a building. It had white insides and the drawing of parts of an anatomical heart on the wall. There was a teacher with me that was explaining the architectural structure. Then I woke up and fell asleep again. I dreamt of recording a video of some pigeons, in the same place or something like that. Than I thought "my brain is fucking me, I was sleeping and now I'm here recording some pigeons, I'll send them to my friends". Then I woke up and fell asleep again. I was in my room with Matthew. I was like, I am going to show you a video of a pigeon. Then I realized I was dreaming when I recorded the pigeon so I told him "my brain is fucking me so badly, I was dreaming that I dreamt of that place" but I was still dreaming. I asked him to come with me on the balcony because I had to smoke. Then I woke up and realized...