electric bears?

Date: 2/27/2017

By stefdrms

My boyfriend and his friends like to go to different places, get air bnbs and party. In this dream it was exactly that I don't know where. We get to this house. Huggge. We start saying hello to everyone. We're in the living room by the kitchen then there was this long hallway that took you the room and the walls were glass so you could see the tennis court outside. I walked into a room were all the girls were at it was dark. We're just talking in the dark and this Asian girl comes in seemingly drunk and insults me by referring to me as Danny's girlfriend lol. I tell her my name like listen here lady. I heard so many people in the kitchen. Playing beer pong or whatever. I think what bitches are out there 😂 . So then I walked in the other room. There was a huge bed you could easily get lost in. And weapons. I'm not sure how the altercation happened.. but we started hearing bashing around the house and girls screaming guys running I went to Danny and my son (I guess my son was there lol) and we got out of the house and ran not before I saw a glimpse of the thing in the house. It was large black bear like , sounded really scary, and had like electric blue eyes . Were running through trees and leaves so fast my son my boyfriend and I.. apparently our frenchie were in tow as well. We see a fence my boyfriend grabs my son and hops over, our bigger frenchie Rupert to my surprise jumped over. I picked up our baby frenchie and jumped over. On the other side we saw this small snaimals running as well. I'm assuming they were running from the same thing. My boyfriend picked one up. It looked like a baby mini little foot with no neck at all and some spots on his back with huge glistening eyes. We let him go and followed. The next thing I remember is waking up in the dirt. Having to go back to the house. We go back and start talking about the room with the big bed and how there's weapons in there.' We ran back to the house and started searching immediately we can not find anything my boyfriend was so mad saying they took everything . It begins to get dark and I hear a voice. It says we're coming. In a deep scary voice :( I realize there is more then one we're going to die. I'm thinking what can I do with my son I run downstairs and get all the knifes. I only keep thinking that it'll be taken away from and used to slash my throat. I then tell my boyfriend why the hell don't we leave . He says we can't. I said yes we can and we go out into the car. Drive into the small town village. Park and seek help .i see three children and I notice one looks at me and her eyes are piecing blue and snake like. Kind of like and electric blue like those wild bear things. I ran up to her about to punch her and her eyes go normal . I'm thinking what the hell im loosing it. Then I walk back and again she's watching me with those eyes and smiles an evil smile. I realize that there is no way out.