Date: 5/1/2017

By ImperatorFuriosa

I had to take the morning after pill but on my way to the pharmacy I saw my girlfriend kissing my cousin (who looked like Amanda deCadenet). She was doing it out of spite because I kept sleeping with my guy friend. But it didn't bother me and I remembered that my cousin wanted a baby really badly but couldn't have one because she had been raped and had had an abortion. She had been rescued from a violent mass rape cult. I couldn't wait to tell her but I wanted to tell our grandmother what I was doing first. I went to visit her and turned myself invisible. As usual she always knew I was there and came and kissed me out of thin air. I told her what I was going to do and she advised that I tell my cousin carefully as it was a very sensitive situation. I had a vision of my cousin and she was crying. She was holding my girlfriend (youtuber Shannon who had hairy armpits for some reason) I could sense that her thoughts were about wanting a child. I was so looking forward to telling her the good news!