Dreaming about dreaming (dreamception)

Date: 8/23/2019

By evp722

I was in a classroom with my old class and our desks were pushed in a circular formation around the room so we all could see each other. The teacher gave us an assignment, which was to write down our weirdest dreams on index cards. I wrote down dreams that I actually had in real life, which included “Evil Floating Candy Corn”, “Strange Uncle”, and one that I can’t remember. (These dreams are written down in my dream journal page if you click on my name you can read them if you are interested in weirdness and craziness). Well after writing down these dreams I was satisfied, until I dropped my index cards which somehow ended up lost in my desk partner’s stuff. I was worried because the teacher said we only had 2 more minutes to write. As I ruffled through her things (my partner was in the bathroom or somewhere else at the time), I noticed she had written down like 50 dreams on index cards in the span of only 5 minutes. She also had insanely small yet legible writing. I checked through her index cards to see if mine were lost in hers. I looked in her binders and notebooks, and NOTHING. My desk partner returned, told me “you’re stupid. Stop touching my stuff.” I obeyed her instruction and decided to go on without my index cards. We were starting to go around the room to share, and I prepared something to say about my dreams in my head since I could not read off of my index cards. Before I could even share, my dream cut to a made up scene of the crime TV show “Dexter” where the main character had a heart attack (my dream made this scene up, I haven’t finished the show yet so idk if he has a heart attack). After he had the heart attack, I woke up. But seriously, “Evil floating candy corn” is probably the craziest dream I’ve ever had.