Unnatural Hero's Dream

Date: 5/15/2017

By Ifiresky08

All I remember is that I was a boy. I was running away from something or someone with four people, probably made up friends in dreams. If I remember correctly it was one girl and three boys. Then out of nowhere, I was captured then brought to this weird machine. I was lock up, both hands and feet. Then a guy look like loki who must be the one captured me is laughing like a maniac saying something like "I will get your power" then this big machine with a big telescope turns and it was between me and the bright full moon in the sky. Then....I start to feel dizzy and lightheaded like....something inside of me is being absorbed. Then I almost fell unconsious when one of my friends save me. They all huddle together and ask me if I was okey then I start crying saying "I was scared" and "I'm sorry guys" they all hug and comfort me. But it didn't last long because this loki look alike guy laughs at me knowing I don't have any power anymore starts attacking and summoning rock giants. That's when I realize the whole city is in danger then they all the people including my friends step in front of me trying to protect me. Then surprising my power surge back to me. Then I have big angel wings form from moonlight dust or something and in the end I was the winner. And that is the end of my dream.