Haberman the gym teacher

Date: 8/30/2019

By Karliann

I went to gym on a Monday morning to find Mrs. Nye wasn't there. So I got dressed with the 2 other girls in my gym class and headed back up. Everyone was standing in a big block and I couldn't see who was at front instructing them. And then I heard "gym balls up!" "And up." And I knew it was my music instructor Haberman. I saw her and next to her I saw Brandon (a dude that helped me learn trombone fluently in my 3 month deadline; he joked around with me a lot and I really believe I wouldn't be as good as I am if I didn't have him to help). I wanted nothing more than to talk to him. So I waited until everyone dispersed to go talk to him. When I got up to him, he couldn't hear me or see me. He wasn't responding. I got really sad because I obviously miss him. Being the only trombone player in band can be a little bit lonely, but he used to play the songs with me and it was like I had someone to look up to. Then I woke up sad, but at least my dad was listening to Sammy Hagar when I woke up cuz that brightened my mood.