What's with the strange dreams?! 💩💦

Date: 8/1/2017

By madnewman13😼

Lately I've been having some strange dreams. Here's some I had last night.. I was at my house and a tornado or something was coming. My mom took my siblings and I to the neighbor's for some weird reason into his front yard (my dad was apparently at work). She had us duck under some tall grass and wait for the tornado to pass over. What I was wondering was why would she take is outside and not in our basement..? I am at this place similar to Venice with a water road (but with a current). Apparently it is a town of Whos from Dr. Suess. The Lorax was the mayor as well. Although some normal people lived there also. I went on a bridge above from where the canal was. Suddenly two girls who walked over to me startled me and I fell over, into the canal. "Help! I'm being taken by the current!" I yelped. But people just seemed to look at me blankly about it and continue to what they were doing. Soon I saw a water tower.. And all the water was going up to it. If I didn't do something I would get trapped in the water tower. Luckily I grabbed onto a branch and pulled myself out of the water. My friends and I were traveling through differ et places. I was with my grandma and we were all going to China for a visit. China was a lot differ bet than I expected. Giant rubber band balls were tourist attractions and there were mountains everywhere. The city was very small.. It was more like a town. But anyways we went to camp out in the forest. We played some fun games and went in our beds. For some reason there wasn't a bed for me.. I was supposed to sleep with my crush.. Who had a bed for two. "Well I don't mind that.." I thought. And we snuggled all night. Later my grandma got me up in the middle of the night to go back. We got in the car and it broke down some place. Luckily some friendly turkeys fixed it up for us..