Smiling Shopper

Date: 8/5/2019

By xIMxDollFace

Mom came back inexplicably. She was so bright and cheery. She looked beautiful. She was out shopping with me at some shops in a neighborhood we hadn't been to before. Somewhere off the 10 maybe east of Palm Springs. She was buying bags of apricot candies. She had bright blonde hair and she looked so excited about finding the candies. She was buying a bulk amount. I was wondering just for a moment what pmt method she was using since I had closed her accounts. I thought to myself that it didn't matter and I would figure out how to handle the banks later. I was just so thrilled to have her with me. I was also happy because since she looked so healthy I decided I would be decorating for Christmas. She really loved the holiday decor we had both collected over the years.