Naptime Dream

Date: 5/30/2017

By Pattye2017

It was Tuesday, and we had ALL the appointments for my son. Despite this, my husband had us all come along to run a quick errand of a vague nature. After all was said and done, we were left with just enough time to get back home for the first appointment, but then my husband told me we were stopping really quick just to "drop in and say 'Hi' to Tim." Now, I had no idea who Tim was, but my husband played it off like he was an old friend from back in the day I'd forgotten about. Now we pulled up to this not too shady looking warehouse/industrial type of building in Plymouth, perhaps, and headed in. After asking around some, we finally encountered Tim. Now this guy was straight up disconcerting. He made me VERY uncomfortable in a VERY bad way. Despite this, I was left alone with him while my husband went to look at something. By this time also, the kids had wandered off. So there we were, at the point where we'd have had to have left 10-15 minutes ago in order to have gotten home in time for the first appointment, and instead I was trying to hunt down and gather up everyone in a strange and uncomfortable place all the while being come on to by Tim. I finally found the kids, both of whom had dyed their hair, and my husband who was looking at books, and tried to get everything moving. However, by the time we left, it was 18 minutes past the end of the first appointment. I was livid. A feeling made all the worse when my husband implied that I had misunderstood when he tried to convince me that I knew Tim. This was, in fact, the first time he had met him. He had been talked about by the guys at his old work, and he was pretty sure he was cool, so he stopped by to buy a computer on the cheap. I was pissed that he had been dishonest about his knowledge of this guy, of his reasons for going there. I felt disrespected and undermined because he had done all of this despite the importance of the appointment. I felt uncared for and hurt that his wants had taken priority (and needlessly so as there had been no reason for all of us to have even gone out that early on an appointment day) over my responsibilities. I felt frustrated because, no matter how completely this was his fault, I knew it was me it was going to reflect poorly on, and he would get pitied for having such an irresponsible wife. I was pissed and hurt and frustrated, and all other such emotions. Then I woke up.