Pissed off

Date: 4/20/2019

By kyle_chandler

I was outside with my cat and he was running around. For some reason he wasn’t being very responsive but running around a lot. We were in a lot that was half grass and gravel that went out to the road. Tiny homes sat on the outskirts. We lived there. The cat was sniffing around, and tons of cars decided to leave. He got caught in the middle of them as they navigated around one another and it scared him. None of them hit him, but they spooked him. The last car to leave was a couple red necky types that sped up as they were leaving and drove right at the cat in a semi circle chasing him and stressing him out with the loud engine before they left. They didn’t want to kill him just scare him. This pissed me off so much that I somehow took one of there other cars which was parked and empty and threw it so it rolled over and over and completely totaled. I was with my dad and we were both drunk. For some reason we got back in our car to sleep car the night. Some time later, still dark, we were woken by the sound if a loud engine pulling up. The rednecks were back and they knew we had wrecked the car. They pulled right up next to us and got out with pistols drawn. I immediately threw my hands up and got out of the car, not wanting to get shot. There were two of them but a whole group of them that lived on this lot joined the two. My dad got out of the car too and we were asking what they wanted. They said they knew we wrecked the truck and that they were going to torture us for fun basically. Not wanting that, I ran and yelled at my dad to run too. He didn’t want them to shoot him as he was running away so he submitted to them. I got a small distance away and saw he wasn’t running and knew I couldn’t just leave. So I went back and tried to make any excuse for them to let him go. There was obviously no luck. I went up to the group (it had grown from 2 to maybe 10) and let them come at me one by one to try to beat them up. I downed a few but I think they overtook me and beat the living hell out of me and my dad. I woke up the next morning in the lot bruised and bloody and overall very gnarly looking. I didn’t even see my dad. They saw me wake and immediately started tormenting me. I had a deep feeling that a made a life altering mistake and was now a prisoner. Suddenly I woke up in a new place, and I was totally fine. I was feeling good and normal and wasn’t living on the lot. It was like I had woken from a dream, but I remember an incredibly distinct feeling that I had been given a second chance by life in a new reality that was better, and my mistake had been forgiven. (I was still dreaming) it felt like the lot scene was both a dream and a complete reality which I had been removed from by the universe and put into a new reality to restart my life one more time after a mistake (wrecking their car) and it felt amazing. I was in a new place and riding bikes with my current roommate and someone else. We were talking about my move to Hawaii. At one point there were thousands of little bright yellow embers coming out of the ground rising into the sky that we rode through and I thought they were amazing. We were riding and we started to pass a girl on a bike and my tire bumped hers and she fell. She was Hawaiian. I went to go help her up and apologized but I took her race as a sign. She was a girl I knew in my childhood.