Weird Priest Ted X Talks

Date: 4/18/2017

By BredCoke

Yeah so this priest had some sort of nice message to spread but he got obsessed with giving this huge presentations and ended up running this tv show and I was working on the show with him like as a co-host along with several others. James and Tate were like bellboys for the live audience and there was this train that helped up get around the theatre that also connecting to the regular city train line. I went somewhere for whatever reason and when I got back, James was standing at the train door with a plane ticket and his bag because he'd been fired. We laughed about it and I went in assuming I'd be fired too because I hate this job but the priest guy ended up sending me to check Louise's backyard for immigrants so like whatever. I went to Louise's house (which was actually this brand new house that looked super awesome) and I marked the spot where I was gunna blow up and check for a Mexican tunnel. I told her the story about James getting sacked on day 1 for no reason and then my nose started bleeding and she gave me a pair of Eva's shorts which then magically turned into a towel. That was the end I think. At some point my ex girlfriend texted me saying she misses me but I don't remember which point of the dream because there are many points that I don't remember about it. I just remember laughing at that.