Tree Climbing and Barnes and Noble

Date: 4/2/2019

By nolan_truth

My family and I were on a road trip. We parked next to a tree and tried climbing it. I was able to get up to the first set of branches, but decided to go back down. For some reason I had brought a book up with me, I forgot it on one of the branches. We all tried climbing to retrieve it, but for whatever reason, we couldn't reach it. My parents joined a conference of some kind while I continued to get my book. Suddenly, a girl tapped me on the shoulder. She was a caucasian girl with light brown hair. I thought she was quite attractive. She handed me something, my book. I thanked her. She asked me to write in a card made by a friend. My parents were discussing with the other adults the best route. I got the impression that there was something dangerous ahead. The sky was dark and stormy as we drove on. I wrote on the card: Dear Stephanie...followed by another sentence or two. When I tried to reread what I had written, somehow, it was in Chinese characters. I considered asking my parents to translate, but decided against it for fear that I had written something embarrassing.