confused? : Second dream

Date: 4/22/2017

By karmedelrey

I always have more than one dream every night & this one was I dont know. . ill just explain it. So in my dream I was 13 again, im 17 now but I was playing in the playground at my old school. I was swinging on the swings and its funny because we never had swings. anyways one of my old classmates came up to me & ask if we can hangout after. I said yes. after school came I went to her house and when I got there I was me now like 17. we were grown and happy. I kissed her & she said ' I love you.' I told her ' im not gay.'she pushed me into her pool. she took off all of her clothes & jumped in. I heard music, my favorite song ' is this happiness? 'by Lana del rey. She told me to fuck her. I was scared & nervous. I screamed ' im not a lesbian, I dont like girls. im sorry! ' Her brother came throught the door & he was my boyfriend. I didnt know that either. Then I woke up.