Horses are trying to kill me

Date: 3/27/2017

By wyrd-ghost

okay so i don't remember all of it but me and my dad were out in the forest and some guy went behind my dad and shot him? and so i stabbed a spoon into the back of his head and it went in like butter with cracking and watery sounds and i was like wow that went in easier than it should so then i tried it again and it was a little bit harder, then i think i notified the town my dad and this guy was like struggling to live. then i dont remember a while of it then we were in the car with both parents and me and both of them went into a store and there was like a bakery that two horses (that i knew somehow connected to the story but i forgot) owned (?) and i all of the sudden knew that they were the reason we almost died in the forest and when i looked back it was night and the bakery had turned its lights off and i knew they were coming for me and so i played dead in the back of the car, but they looked in and saw me so the mom (there was like a parent horse and a tiny one) broke the window in the front seat and i jump up and grab the gun on the middle part between the two front chairs and try to fire it at her but nothing comes so i turn behind the chair and realize the safety is on so i turn it off,cock the gun and lean around to fire it and when i do so does she and then i wake up