The day we met. But i think i time traveled to watch it again 💚

Date: 8/21/2019

By moonbean

(I am currently married to the man i frequently mention.) I woke up in alexs ok truck and i new for a fact it was that day because i got out of the truck to see alex and myself hugging beside the monastery and chloe (my ex girlfriend.) Had her legs hanging out of the truck. (His truck there were two but they were parked on opposite sides of the church) i watched myself and the younger version of alex have our first kiss again. And i could feel, like it was happening my heart fluttered and my lips tingled. Everything was so really. I was at a ghostly angle just watching from the cemetery wall and smiling. I got up and tried to show them i was there too but the only one who noticed anything was chloe and she had looked right at my invisible self and smiled like she could see me (we have an incredible connection with each other.) Saying it was alittle chilly but she got a calming vibe from our cemetery. But she wasnt talking to me she was talking to the other me. In real life, i remembered her doing the same thing and looking out to the same spot my dreamself was standing.