Getting Married, no time

Date: 4/6/2017

By Bonny

I was getting married in Drouin. The tone of the dream was frenzied. I remember sending a text to my friends Pat and Cha to tell them where the wedding was - I sent a google map location. I was trying to get ready. I was getting ready in front of my big mirrors, like in Brunswick East. The church was right next to me and everyone was waiting for me, the pews were full and the groom was waiting. I guess I was supposed to be married at 8:00pm because I looked at the time and it was after 8 and I hadn't done my hair or makeup. There was a little Asian woman helping me - she ran her fingers through my hair and was telling me what bad shape it was, and how we couldn't possibly do what I wanted because of that. I got angry and screamed at her saying that I didn't care what she did, I was already 10 minutes late and needed something to be done! I screamed right in her face that she had 5 minutes. She finished, and I looked in the mirror - I was a beautiful Asian young woman with very very long black hair that had been gently curled. I felt relieved. But then I had to do my makeup. I started doing my normal daily makeup routine. Everything was going so slowly and I could feel the people in the other room judging me, whispering about why I was late. I was hurriedly trying to finish, but there was always something more I had to do - contour, lips, eyebrows - and I kept stuffing it up and having to start again. I woke up lying across my bed the wrong way.