Flesh eating clowns

Date: 5/24/2017

By andersoner1

This is the only nightmare I have had since I was 8. I got stranded on an island and all I could see was a great green hill from the shore. As I climb the hill, I begin to hear music. I couldn't quite place the type until I got to the top of the hill. Carnival music. As I look down, all I can see are clowns. Short, tall, fat, skinny. All different types. I begin to emerge myself in the crowd of thousands of clowns. It becomes quite clear to me that I am the only one on the island, besides the clowns. But I begin to play some of the games and after a couple of hours I ask one of the clowns " how do I get off the island?" His response was," why would you ever want to leave?". In the distance, the clown in charge hears my question and goes from happy to angry real fast. I shrug off the answer the clown gave me and begin walking more into the carnival. I feel a hand on my shoulder and as I peer around it's the head clown. He says," I have something to show you." I follow him, and we go up the other side of the hill. As we reach the top, all I could see was greenery. "What is it you wanted to show me?" The head clown pushes me into a hole. I look up and he goes, "now you will never leave." I try to look into the cave and I notice that I landed on a mound of sand. The only visible light was coming from the hole that I fell from. But I notice something coming towards me. I start to panic, the only thing I can fight with is sand. It's a small clown, barely 2 feet tall and I now see we aren't the only ones in the cave. Hundreds of clowns the same size are encircling me. I get up ready to fight, but that is when they all jump onto me and they go from cute clowns to flesh eating clowns. Their teeth went into these sharp pointy teeth as they ripped my skin apart. I then woke up.