mad Max + outlast 2 + wtf

Date: 7/4/2017

By BlackQueenKammi

so I wake up in the dream and I'm in a desert in the middle of nowhere, after a couple of standing around I get picked up by somebody on a giant motorcycle and he takes me to this little town I think and this one the parts I can't remember very well but I think this girl and some kinda grey uniform comes out and murders everybody in the town so I try and run but she's way faster than me and she catches me. I think I had started begging her not to kill me and for some reason she didn't but she made me come with her to what like looked like the run down village outlast 2 but in the center there was a giant factory type building and that's where she was trying to take me but before we got there we had to slip past the giant axe bitch from outlast 2 and the wierd part was that it felt like the axe bitch didn't even see uniform girl but she would almost relentlessly hunt me down, fuck that reminds me just like outlast 2 I would be sometimes transported to this other world that was super creepy but semi safe. I think the other world was on a bus because i was talking to two guys and one was playing Mario kart and he was playing on like a remastered version of donky Kongs map from double dash and I think either Mario or Luigi's circuit. then after that I had found some jewel that transported me back the first world in the middle of running from axe bitch. then uniform girl who is dressed in African clothes for some reason tells me to jump into a green and orange glowing vent cause axe bitch can't get us in there cause will be protected by somebody's power ( I forgot the name). then we crawl through the vent until get out inside of a factory that's completely different from the other area I saw. it was spotless, white wall, white floors, and pink hanging from racks all over the place. next all the workers in the were