Back in high school again? why?

Date: 1/19/2017

By Charlieebluesphinx28

It all started with me walking down the hallway and no one paid attention to me they all walked around me. I go and try to find my boyfriend and his friends than hang out with them for alittle but than I was going to find my friends and hang out with them as well. As I was headed to meet my boyfriend, Anthony and his friends and I bump into Jared. "Hey Breanna how are you doing?" He looks at me and smiles, I reply with " I'm doing good going to meet my boyfriend and his friends would you like to walk with me?" Jared nods and he walks right beside me, our arms touching I look down and back up with him and he is smiling " is there something wrong with our arms touching?" I reply with "no I was making sure was this intentional or not? You never really touched my arm before as we walked you were always a foot in front of me" he nods than he says "yeah I was really stupid back than but I realized I messed up big time with you and I should have never done that and am really sorry ". We were half way up the stairs when Jared stopped and he grabbed my hand and pulls me toward him and he hugs me so tight to were I can hear his heart racing "Jared are you okay?"I look up at him and he is smiling than he says " yes I am I just wish I never messed up with you the way I did and every second I get to spend with you is worth it" than we stopped Hugging an we headed up to meet with my boyfriend Anthony and his friends and my friends were there with me too. Than I woke up.