New life

Date: 2/14/2019

By cesarsald

It started out as a highschool day that was gonna end when out of nowhere we hear gunshots me and my friends are scared so we take my car and leave and so do a lot of people we go to this large house and take shelter exploring the place we then all decide to hide as they are getting closer and we are scared so I hide in a little shoe closet and put jackets over myself restricting my breathing when this woman takes it off me and I am terrified she was beautiful but was with this entire group that told me you have to join us by eating this pizza and so time passed and I eventually gave in the pizza was weird and changed me and I had become a member of this vampire group and my friends eventually gave in as well it took a bit of getting used to but we ate pizza which I think had blood and got high every day and I then noticed the Lord vampire who was a larger blonde man with eye shadow on looking like a traditional vampire I was scared of him at first but realized he is very nice later I think the pizza was created with his blood as well one day one of our members is getting yelled at because he ratted to the light foundation that we were inside the house so our Lord kicked him out and told us to prepare I of course was scared but ready later that night me and my new vampire members headed out to the forest in front of the house to scout out when we found out we could turn into our own respective animals I forgot what my friends had but I had a rabbit that was hard to control the hopping was hard at first but I learned as I went I got to the highway where I saw flashlights heading towards the house and they saw me so I headed quickly into the forest back to the house I climbed up to the second floor looked through the window and saw a fat woman part of the light foundation then one of my older members came in and stabbed her in the side with blood in his hands seemingly killing her as I entered the room he then left to I'm guessing find the others I then looked at the woman and tried to stab my fingers into her throat to try and absorb blood but I didn't Pierce so I dragged her to the stairs and dropped her while she revealed she was alive so I attempted to kill her by jumping on top of her from the top of the staircase around that time the dream had ended