Date: 6/17/2017

By druyan

tw: cops, corruption, oral sex, abuse of power only read if you're 18+ me and 2 guys (garrett and Drew Monson from youtube) are walking around this huge mall. there are antuques scattered thoughout the mall, so it's also kind of a museum. were walking around and I stop at a sephora. my friend hayley has a birthday coming up and she wants a Nars foundation. I go in and now half the store sells candles and bath bombs. no Nars to be found, so I start looking for her shade in another brand, but there's only super pale shades. the people are rude when I ask for darker shades, so we leave. drew and I find this wishing fountain.,it's old and creepy, but there's a cool coin the size of my palm at the bottom. I reach in to get it, but the waters too deep. drew unplugs it and the water drains. at the same time though, cops show up. I impulsively grab the coin and start to run. a white,blonde cop catches me. I think drew got away. I try to give the coins back to the cop. he says he'll let me off the hook if I kiss him on the cheek. i do and he says he'll let me go, but they're probably going to,kill drew. I panic. "ill blow you if you let him go" I say he smiles and says to let drew go into his walkie. he takes me to a cop car and puts me in the passengers seat. we drive around forever and he tells me masturbate for him. I do (super extra, like in porn). finally he pulls over. he has a dildo in the glove compartment and,makes me suck on it while he rubs himself. then he wants me to ride it, which I somehow manage to to in the front seat of the car. I try to touch him, and he whips out his dick and we bang. after, he drops me off at drews. I tell drew everything and he gives me a sephora bag with hayleys foundation in it.