Medical School

Date: 2/10/2017

By Chloe_Noelle26

So the dream started out with me at a school. I'm currently in 7th grade so I have already went through primary school. The school that I ended up at in my dream seemed like a mix of my elementary school and my current middle school. It was actually nice because I remember so many things from that school and the memories I made there. At my current school my P.E. teacher's name is Mr. Stembridge and he was at the school. I said hi and then he asked me to come to an OR (a surgical room) with him. When I'm older my aspiration is to be a surgeon so I couldn't turn down the opportunity to see what it's like. We went to the OR and there was a scalpel, gloves, surgical masks, and many other medical tools. He showed me how some of the things worked and it was really interesting. My dream then moved to another dream and it was at a field with all off the people from my current school. I was really excited that all of my friends were there but I was confused as to why we were standing in the middle of an open field. Mr. Stembridge came up to us out of nowhere and said that we are playing a game. I was excited because I figured it would be a lot of fun, but it was the exact opposite. He had this box in his hand and he opened it. Inside was three types of misquotes. They flew out of the box and chased everyone. Mr. Stembridge called out saying that if we got bitten by anyone of them then we are out of the game. I ran frantically alongside the rest of my fellow classmates. I continued to run and managed to not get stung. I was incredibly great full and that's where the dream ended.