All I Can Remember Is Lunch and Rotting Grapes

Date: 4/13/2017

By Fileacethedragon

I was to lazy to write down my dream this morning so now all I can remember is talking to a girl, I think she was 9, about the fish tanks that were in the Mrocos music room, which was the room we were in. Before that I remember something about me, J.F and some other people eating lunch on this balcony pavilion thing, then J.F was playing tag with some little kids around a really small spiral staircase that led up to the pavilion. There was also a really weird thing. A couple days ago I dreamt that I was at school. It was the end of lunch and I had grapes that I put in my bag for later, but I never ate them. Last night I dreamt I was in my last class and I opened my bag and there were the grapes. They were being to rot, but in the dream I knew they were the same grapes.