New old man, fire bender, water cross, on stilts

Date: 5/27/2017

By TheNagual

I was with my new grandfather, he was very old. I asked him about his past, not all much to say. We sat, he put his hand on mine. He wanted to know how to sit in silence and enjoy, I tried to tell him... "just sit here and be present, feel the ground, the grass and stars." My emotions came out like they had not before. Later, in a high up Rocky Mountain area, I obtained the ability of fire bending. I had to feel into the force and I blended the fire with awesome power; I set fire to green scum on walls in a vast setting high atop a building. I was hiding under a bed while Roxie was being scolded. I step up and yelled at the father figure. After I got my point across he backed down and I felt free. Sam was pushing me around while I was high atop stilts in a Vader costume. I was losing my balance as other officers saluted to me. Once I was outside we moved quickly to my car and I felt more free flowing than when I was inside the mall area. Someone from a golf course knew who was sage was in a spontaneous flash of reasoning. I asked Sage what this mean. He said it means that the walls of the city does not limit what moves through and that the metaphysical plane of our minds are flowing and connected. Water cross???