The worst nightmare

Date: 2/17/2017

By MayAgain2109

This woke me up early in the morning and I didn't have time to go back to sleep bc of work at 9. It started at a bar, Underground, I expect, because we were there doing comedy. The venue changes endlessly. I was doing my thing asking for shots and shit. Tyler decides to go home but I stick around, probably to further our current drug hunt. Scene changes to an after party, which was actually pretty fun. It quickly turned into an orgy, in which a skinny blonde girl picked me. We had fun for a while. The whole time I'm checking the clock bc I know I have to leave to work at 8ish in the morning, and that part of reality leaked through. So after a couple hours of partying and eating (hunger seemed to leak through as well) I said my goodbyes and started home. "Home" was "NEW Trinidad house" Tyler and I apparently slept in the garage. I looked through the window to see if he was asleep, but he wasn't (I feel like if he was I'd have gone back to the party, but since he was awake I went in to say hi and apologize for getting home so late. Then all hell breaks lose. My Dad and a couple of his buddies are also in there, and it triggers fear, since now I have someone o REALLY explain to. I make my way up to her house and try to sneak upstairs (missing a stair again) yo avoid the conversation. Somehow my mom opens the mail and immediately finds a court summons for me bc I've been misbehaving. They both start yelling and screaming and My emotion changes to fear and anxiety. They yell at me showing me the papers, (of which was some bullshit drinking charge but apparently I was being prosecuted and possibly put on parole. (Thirst thoughts may have come from the movie Blow, we just rewatched that the other day) I kept trying to speak to my parents and tell that it wasn't that bad (they wouldn't listen- like they'd even ask me questions and I'd start to answer and they'd lose it again. But the worst part of all of this is my Mom started freaking out bc the papers said I'd never be able to go out again alone, it would be considered loitering, and I'd also have to stay IN their house in Trinidad for a LONG TIME.... I remember her saying something like 100 years maybe it was 100 months, either way that's my worst nightmare RIGHT there, so I was crying and Janie was crying and my Mom was crying. My uncle Brian was there for some reason and said "looks like someone's addicted " . Then I was jolted awake by my own misery and fear. Happy Fucking Friday.