Truck ride of hatred

Date: 5/22/2017

By gasmasks

Had dream that my bus driver from high school was driving meand these 2 chicks I used to have as classmates home but instead of a school bus it was a truck. I was in the passenger seat, behind me was this girl I hated, and next to her was a girl I used to be kind of friends with but she wasn't that great. The girl behind me started talking about something and then I made a rude remark and we started arguing and I called her a cunt and then I think she accused me of being racist even though we're both white but I think she was pretending to be asian in the dream. I think she tried choking me from behind the seat but the bus driver intervened and we were at the chick I hated's house so she and the other girl went in and then the bus driver said she was going to go in and talk to the chick and said she was gonna report me and to sit and wait