66. School fieldtrip in enchanted forest🌲🌳🌳🏑🌳🌲 Bug nightmare πŸ•·

Date: 7/6/2017

By Raul

I am in some huge fantasy park with magical creatures and misteryous objects. I look around and I realize I am in a wizard school field trip. We solved some riddles and puzzles using magic, to open the dors to a big mansion in the midle of the park. Night came fast and ghostly dark goblins came out of the walls and atacked us. They dragged some of the students into the walls and we run to our teacher for help. She was passed out drunk in a bed and she didn't care about the atack. She got angry when I yelled at her and she used her wand to cast a silence spell on my mouth. The spell looked like a flickering red amber slowly floating to me. A friend distracted her and told me to run away and so I did. When I got out of the house I started collecting blue watter in tiny flasks from a near-by stream. In my dream, I wake up in my bed and i look at my PC screen. It was all cracked and had thousands of small white insects embedded in the cracks. The window was opened and there were two cats in my window. They were meowing and I saw theyre eyes... they were full of those bugs and whend I looked at them the cats smiled and more bugs came out of theyre mouths. I realised my bed and flor is also full of those bugs and some of them digged into my skin. I run for help and I find my grandpa. He gave me a can of bug spray and he took a can for himself. We both went up in my room and started spraying the shit out of the little bastards. I close the dor to my room and in the hallway there were the 2 cats. They had 8 legs and they were walking on the ceiling. I am driving in Cluj and I get lost...