Had a flashback of high school

Date: 7/8/2019

By NathanPrescott

I had a dream that I went repeat high school class, more specifically, my grade 11 chemistry class. I remembered vividly myself back into my chemistry classroom. It looked similar to the usual classroom in my high school. And so like said, I went to revisit grade 11 chemistry, along with my chemistry teacher, let’s call her Mrs. K. I haven’t failed anything just so you know, but I just happen to see grade 11 along with my old classmates as I missed my high school years a lot. I can remember that upon arrival to the classroom, I happen to be missing part of the lectures(or class periods in high school terms) since I did not return to high school when the school year started (as I can tell in this dream). I happen to have a test on the very day I arrived for the first time. Unfortunately, I could not recall what was on the test at that time. I happen to do the test, and I did not know a lot of the material (which makes sense as I did not attend the classes prior to the test before revisiting). It was embarrassing as I myself into chemistry, yet failing this test. That is all I can remember from this dream. Dream: neutral Not lucid