Captain America and Turtles

Date: 1/28/2017

By caitlynmarie3

Warning/Spoiler: the turtle dies at the end and I was sad So I was dreaming that for whatever reason I was Chris Evans/Steve Rogers/Captain America. Some locals found out I was in town and wanted to celebrate my arrival by throwing a huge party (which was mostly attended by small children) At some point during the party, I went outside and found a turtle stuck on its back. I picked it up, made sure he was okay, and brought him inside to the party to show to the kids. They were all so happy like "you saved the turtle" and "I want to be a hero like you one day!" As sweet as it was, I returned the turtle (who I dubbed Bruce) back outside where he belonged, setting him down by a puddle and giving him a piece of broccoli (I actually have no idea how to care for a turtle...). I went back inside to hanging out with the children inside. After the party was over and I helped some of the adults clean up, I went outside again to check on Bruce. I noticed he wasn't where I left him. I looked out towards a nearby street, busy with cars, and noticed that Bruce was attempting to cross the street while there was terrible traffic. As soon as I realized this, Bruce the turtle was struck by a car. There was a loud popping noise and a child from within said car screamed. There was a lot of blood for some reason. Like a lot, it was all over the road and on the car. Now, I woke up confused, but kind of sad. I wish there was something I could have done sooner to keep the turtle from dying...