skippy softball trip

Date: 4/4/2019

By eb23

to start off the dream i was with a few members of my softball team. we had all taken a pickup truck to this resturant/hotel that looked like a parking garage and were trying to get a room while we waited and ate. apparently it was an apocolypse safe house and people were driving and parking pretty crazy in the parking lot and we kept going back out there to get more stuff or put more stuff back in. we decided we had been waiting too long and we were going to go to the airport to fly to florida, but we had to get there right away so varsity didnt leave without us. to accomplish this we sped along the side of the highway with both the tires on the ground but nothing in the middle underneath us, which was pretty scary. the dream skipped around and i was suddenly alone shopping in the airport for a new floor and walls for my house while i waited for my flight. the flight left withput mr and as i was running to catch it came swooping over my head so i could see my whole softball team glaring at me like i had let them down