Digital art, Generate an image of a dark sky with planets falling out of it while a tired person stands holding one of the small balls in their hand, with a woman with red eyes standing in the background.

The sun is gone

Date: 4/20/2017

By dreams11217

I looked out the window and saw that the sun had stopped shinning. It was completely dark outside. I walk into the living room and see a woman with red eyes. She's the same one from one of my previous nightmares. I just stare at her and then walk out the door. I run to the neighbor's house to see my grandparents. They're happy to see us. I see something on the other neighbor's side so I walked to the porch at my house to get a better look. I saw that the planets in the sky we're way closer to us. They were falling out of the sky and the looked like little balls. I walk up to one and pick it up. I show my grandparents but they don't seem concerned. There are police blocking the road. People must not understand what's going on. We begin to feel sleepy and that's how we know it's probably night time. I remember that the woman is still inside the house. I don't want to go in but I do anyway. I walk in and she's there but I don't care. I'm tired.