Rain of White Lilies

Date: 1/16/2017

By Rocketeer○•°.●

i had this dream some time ago, i forgot when but this is how it goes... there was a reunion in my old school happening and the event was a formal attire event. everyone was wearing beautiful flowing gowns and jet black tuxes. evryone was very beautiful and met with my friends again and we had fun. when the party was nearing to and end, i was alone and suddenly this boy that i had liked for 3-4 years was suddenly talking to me, we had a nice time and after the conversation we were quiet, suddenly he held his hand out to me and asked me to close my eyes and go with him, i was intrigued and reached out to his hand. we walked for some time and we stopped, he told me to open my eyes and we were in the dance hall where its a little dark but the light from the party outside illuminated the room, it was kund of pretty with just the two of us there in a huge dance hall. again he reached his hand out to me and he invited me to dance, i reached for hus hand and put my other hand on hus shoulder and he his on my waist, we were dancing with no music in a dimly lit room, just by ourselves. then suddenly it was raining white lilies in the dance hall, i smiled very widely and he was smiling back to me too, i was so happy that time. after dancing the party was over and everyone was going somewhere to continue the party, we went elsewhere, at the school there was a a building with a nice rooftop and we went there, when we were going to talk. there the dream ended. and i was having a blast too, but still my dream with him with the rain of white lilies was lovely