End of The World and Fighting Aliens

Date: 6/17/2017

By mattr00

It was the end of the world or something like that. We traveled to another planet to fight in a war against these aliens. We got there and It was pretty much an alternate Earth. We were in my back yard and we looked up and saw the alien fleet coming. Soon enough it was an all out battle. I was scared so i retreated into my house. Then I was in school. I needed to go to the bathroom and it was getting dark so i wanted to leave so that we wouldnt meet any aliens at night so i left jack behind and took the main lobby hallway which was well lit and had red carpet hallway. I found the bathroom. There were a few urinals which looked liked sinks but they were definitely urinals so i peed in one. There was zero privacy either because it was in the middle of the room and a class was going on. It didnt look like a bathroom it was a computer lab. Justin started talking to me from across the room. Then I saw morgan and i went over to her and she smiled and said something and then i started walking away and she said i looked cute. I heard what she said but i said "what?" As if i hadnt heard what she said. She them replied "never mind." I then met back up with jack who wondered why i ditched him. We then journeyed to mr disbrows room whos door was closed. We peeked through the window and he waved us in. In the room i looked for a computer to sit at. There were macs and pcs and i sat at a pc but then saw a mac next to jack and floyd which was not open a second ago. Then we were getting ready to leave school. We looked outside through the glass windows and saw some people pulling a prank. They were using giant balloon like things which looked like top hats. They used them to cover peoples cars as a prank.