3/3: Tron Dance Suit Competition

Date: 5/14/2017

By TastesLikeWallpaper

People I know from school were split into two groups, red and blue. I was sadly on red. (I like the color blue better). We had lazer guns and stuff and had to sneak around the blue team and collect info on the werewolf dude that got his sister mudered. We had powers. Mine was to hum and be invisible. I was trying to sneak past some people in the blue team members in a blue area, but Ariel sensed me with her eye power. She told some people and it was like a space vacuum was started. There was no gravity anymore. We were being sucked out of where we were into a window. You had to grab a suit that was floating through the air and then shoot the window to get through. I grabbed the closest which happened to be blue, then I acted as a blue team member and started shooting the trash which is what we had to do. Afterwards, I floated over to Taylor and James. I said hi to her and then to him. Taylor said something to James and James replied in a low, kind-of-joking voice with, "Oh yes, fuck me with your thick cock," to Taylor. This was not the first time he said it. He said it earlier too. I contemplated their relationship.