Saved from The Outbreak

Date: 7/16/2019

By ky303

I was way in the past Like early 1800s but there was elevators and electricity I worked in a hospital as an assistant/intern at the time There was a breakout, like I’d like the plague or something It made the victims bleed all over and it was contacted to others via body fluid The whole hospital was being fled or something it was so bad It kills really fast I went into one room, there were 4 beds with dead patients, there was blood all over. I didn’t know what to do so I hid in the tiny supply closet A doctor or someone came in and locked the closet door since everyone was being abandoned I stood there not knowing what to do, I eventually passed out I woke up in modern day (think captain America) I was always kept under some type of watch which was okay with me, other than that I had a normal life as a teenager I was with my friend Brie one day and I decided to walk her through what happened that day The hospital was up and running again so we went there and I retraced the steps I took before going into the closet We entered the elevator, I pressed the 3rd floor I walked down the hall and into the room It looked exactly the same except nobody today would understand the panic and horrors of that day The bodies on the bed were long gone, the floors were cleaned, some small plants even took up the window ledge. It was like it never happened. Technically, I was the only witness to that left. I opened the supply closet and looked inside. This happened over a century ago and it still felt like yesterday