Lesbian Owned Vape Shop

Date: 1/31/2019

By papaya729

I was shopping in a vape shop located in the basement of someone’s private home. The owner was a heavyset woman with short blonde hair. She was interested in me as soon as I entered the shop. I was searching the store when she asked me to work for her. I took the job at the vape shop. When I came back later to begin working the woman was high on drugs. She told me she was high. I was afraid to talk to her because she was so sexually interested in me. She was hitting on me and trying to touch me. I regretted taking the job. Next thing I know I’m in the shop and my mother is in a back room with one of my younger brothers. I went to the backroom to ask why they were at my job. My mother had taken a job at the shop also and was there working a shift. Throughout the whole dream I was looking for a thc refill for my vape that I never found.