Back at old abusive job

Date: 5/31/2017

By Purple

I was working for the family-owned wholesale jewelry company in this dream, the one where the family and work environment were toxic and abusive (sadly, in real life they were like that). The office in the dream was a different set up than how it was in the waking world. It was the end of the day and a tall, attractive, slender blond woman walked in. She wanted to see the youngest son, who she may or may not have had an appointment with. He said, "ugh," and asked the oldest brother to take the client instead. I asked the client to please have a seat anywhere, while I showed her to a private office. There were two chairs and a twin bed to choose from. She pointed to the head of the bed, and said here? I repeated myself with a smile: "Please have a seat anywhere." As she was settling in, the younger son left, unnoticed by this client. The whole office environment was different from the start, but in this next scene, it felt like I was in a restaurant. I was talking to a client, going against company policy, trying to convince the male customer on the phone why he should no longer use credit cards, and start paying by debit. He was not convinced. Eventually, the owner came on the phone and "finished the sale," by saying everything opposite that I was saying. A few moments prior, there was bad reception and I was handed the phone, because the owner apologized that he couldn't hear the caller before. As owner hung up the phone, he wrote my initials on the top of the form, in script, the same way I would initial something (in my handwriting). I don't know why he did that, and I'm guessing it was either for a commission, or to yell at me if something goes wrong. A female colleague (who I don't know in real life), pointed out I was wearing two different styles of slippers. I was a bit embarrassed, but not much. I kind of laughed with her. Finally, closing up the office, I left with two colleagues. They each went in opposite directions. I was going to join Liz, going right, but decided to join (?), going left. As we were departing, a woman with a red coat appeared and spotted Liz right away, who was also wearing a red coat. Liz's reaction was that she was not happy to see this person, because she talks too much. I felt bad for Liz and wanted to go back and "save" her by telling her she's needed back in the office, but it was already getting late and I was hoping she'd find her own way out of talking to this woman. I decided to go back after all, and call for Liz, then the dream ended.