Zombie Pets

Date: 4/16/2017


I have a lot of cats.. In my dream, we were living like the usual. Ordinary boring day. Then one of my cats just went wild and bit me. It had that white eyes zombie look. Then my arm became numb and i got a hint of whats happening o i cut my arm off.. Humans have regenerative abilities in my dream. then, when my arm was fully healed within a couple of hours, i didnt notice that ALL of my pets was bitten by that zombie cat and ofcourse became zombies too. they all went after me. So i got my sword and then cut their head off in half. And i remember Cutting the head of my favorite cat who was still half conscious because one of her eye was still normal and was looking at me. She was the last zombie cat alive in my house. She was behaved when i held her neck as if saying "do it human. before i become one of them. I will always love you. Bye." and so i cut the head off and then i was crying as i hugged its head while the body ran off..