The ride

Date: 3/26/2017

By Alechku

I was a soldier in war and it was fought with paintball. It started on a highway setting where I'm sitting in a rail wagon and sniping a bus behind us, and I'm good at it I'm being feared of by the enemy. Suddenly I was in a jungle meditating and someone said "wow you are very good at this" I opened my eyes and I was in the bus with all the soldiers all one bus and i realized that I'm on a mission with my paintball gun to connect with everyone, at that point I started a conversation with the "enemy", which was actually only young generation of kids in uniform, that was lost and the only guide for them was their commander who was also lost but afraid to admit it, and the conversation was about our similarities and how simple it is to change. At that moment their "commander " became the class clown and he interfered with the lesson that I was trying to give and I started to bully him and he started muttering prayers, finally I was able to put him in the n place and I've finished the lesson with the challenges we are facing in positive talking and thinking.