Shes here

Date: 7/28/2017

By Unicornblossom

i dont remember having the dream but my grandmother said she was talking to me in my sleep. she said i was mumbling something and then she told me to stop talking. then i said " but im talking to them" then i pointed to the door. then she said "theres no one there." then i said " oh shes there" "who?" "her" , then i pointed over my shoulder. The next morning we found the front door open. A couple days before that it was 2:55 am. i was sick so i went downstairs so i wouldnt wake up my family. Once 3am. came around i felt a presence. for those of you who dont know 3 am is the hour where all spirits are awake. i may have just been paranoid and dizzy from being sick ,but i could have swore i saw a little girl in a white dress like one i had when i was little, but it was dirty, like the kindove dirty you get when youre playing with horses. her hair was either black or brown . it was wet in dreadlocks covering her face. it made me very scared, all of a sudden waking up my family from going to the bathroom to my room didnt seem like a big deal. so i went back upstairs.