bfs mom dies, super sad time.

Date: 3/29/2017

By littleelf

Dream where Zach and Auzzie got yet another new apartment where i4 was mear auzzie's old place and the bathroom had attached changing rooms to the stalls and the the biggest one had 5he washer and dryer next to the toilet. But we were out doing stuff and apparently Zach wanted to get a quick break in our relationship and was dating this girl I've hated a very long time. And when we were on this plane to go somewhere with separate seats from each other, the guy to my left kept trying to get me to fuck him but I kept brushing him off, then I got a little sad bc I liked the attention so I was leaning my face on the guy in front of me's arm so just so happened to be that girls baby daddy and we hung out till Zach wanted me back again. And before we went back to the new new house Zach and I were with my parents and I came back from the bathroom and Auzzie was somewhere else I guess (and apparently their sister has died from a heart attack a few weeks ago). But when I got back to the room where everyone was, Zach told me that his mom had just died from a heart attack and I clutched him and cried for dear life And when Auzzie came back from wherever he has lots of tears in his eyes and it was heartbreaking to see and I was beyond relieved to have woken up from that dream. (Zach is my BF and Auzzie is his brother)