Sex and violence

Date: 3/16/2017

By l_aliendi

... dream went into sleeping over with random couple both nerdy but she was hot. Were in their room just chilling on the bed and she came onto me. Her boyfriend said it was ok, ended up having sex a few times. She was super horny, cumming lots. Dude just watched even when she told him to get involved, don't think he could get hard. In morning her mum knocked on the door while fucking had to jump off and hide behind bed. After that I was having a shower at their place while clothed. Group of lads came into bathroom which turned into gym like showers and said they fucked her all the time, asked if I wanted to fuck her with one of them to join their gang. Had gay connotations like they wanted to fuck me too. They were persuasive like trying to intimidate me into doing it, but refused. She came down used toilet and one of them went in like he was gonna get some and started yelling in surprise, like she had done the biggest shit ever or something. In this commotion, for some reason I had been wearing body armour/life vest and one of the lads stole it. End of dream was me chasing him through streets and trees while bashing his friends that were trying to stop me. Caught him and was bashing him using another one of his friends by holding his legs and swinging him down like a hammer. Was game like, I had brutally beaten people but no death or gore. Got vest back, woke up soon after.