On the run (a doctor who spinoff)

Date: 6/28/2016

By laramc

I was running from someone, not like literally running, I was on the run, and they wouldn't stop chasing me until they found me. They ended up coming to my house and trapping me there, I ended up jumping out the window and flying off (as I usually do in situations like this). My capture made a grab for me through the window, then ran out of the house in my diffraction. Usually in dreams when I fly, I can't get high enough off the ground and they grab me, I usually have to force myself to wake up, as I don't want to go through with the dream (or rather nightmare as of now). But I jumped from a 2nd story building and got enough height for fly off. I flew in one direction as fast as I could, and took no breaks. Eventually I ended up in another time zone, time traveled. When I realised this, I suddenly morphed into Clara from Doctor Who, and I kept in travelling between time zones, constantly on the run. Then one day I ended up back in the time line that my captures were in (it was a school, great!) they found me, and I picked up a lot of friends on the way, taking them with me. I don't remember many details next but everything kind of flowed like a doctor who episode, running and escaping, taking down my captures. In the end we got far far away, we ended up camping out in someone's shed, but I was too scared to leave the light on in the middle of the night, I thought that they could still see us, and would suspect something if they saw light coming from an old shed In the middle of the night. That is the last I remember. I usually like these dreams, being in the run and flying and all. But something from this dream irked me.