The creepiest dream I’ve ever had.

Date: 8/9/2019

By ItsABlackCat

So I’ve had a lot of scary dreams but for some reason, this one scared me the most. I woke up in a cold fucking sweat, my pulse was up— the whole deal. Anyways, in the dream I was in Hell. I knew it was Hell, but it didn’t look like Hell looks in the movies. It was just this huge, empty field of dead grass. All I could hear was the whisper of the grass waving in the slight breeze. I couldn’t see anyone for miles. The sky was dark, there was no sun, no stars, I didn’t know where the light was coming from bc I could see decently well. I remember running around, looking for anyone or anything, and the grass itched and hurt when I ran through it, not enough to be really painful, just annoying. Eventually I spotted a dark figure far away in the grass. When I finally reached it/them, I heard a voice. It was a calm female voice but it was eerie in the near-silence of the field. She said, “You poor, poor child. Your soul is too heavy for your little, fragile body to carry. Revenge is to your hurting heart as numbing is to pain. True healing will come with acceptance.” In the dream, I said something dumb like, “who are you?” The woman (?) continued as if I had not spoken and said “I wonder what color this ground would turn when it’s been watered with your blood? The mud would swirl into the depths of the earth, and there would be nobody to find your body, not here. When death finally comes to take you your eyes will be like stars, already dead yet still shining, and the permanent grin on her pale white face will be perhaps just a bit more pitiful, and her cavernous eyes a bit more respectful, because most people spend their life shutting her out. But you seem to be inviting her in. Get out of here.” I woke up immediately after she finished speaking. The entire dream was in first person, and felt incredibly real. It was also lucid, so at the time I knew I was dreaming, but I was still freaked out. I can remember every detail of what happened which is weird, normally I can’t, but I swear if it wasn’t impossible I’d think this dream actually happened because I can almost HEAR the grass in the wind, and that woman’s voice.