Sort of terrorist attack?

Date: 3/27/2017

By Cerys

it was a normal enough evening and I went into the kitchen for a drink. I saw about 3 very low flying planes, barley missing the garden fence which then landed in the field behind our house. I called mom in and she went to get her shoes to go out to see if they were ok. I chucked on some trousers and then I said 'wait, what if its a terrorist attack?' I then talked to my dad about how he was always so overprotective of me going out and in the end it didn't even matter if the terror came to me. I then looked at the plane and saw a few guys get off the nearest one from my kitchen​ (don't ask how, dream logic) and he was holding a gun downwards to his side. I moved out of the way and went upstairs. I was so scared I had to wake myself up by slashing my wrists in my bedroom.