Date: 8/24/2017

By elaugh

I was at some huge get together with family and there was also tons of people from high school there. All of a sudden I give birth (but I didn't know I was pregnant). I died twice on the table & at one point we debated giving up on the baby. But we didn't. My dad was kinda in charge of the labor process and he was seated by my head. Anyways, it somehow ended up being shanes baby. We hadn't talked and I didn't tell him until I was having it that it was his. He wouldn't talk to me after that either. But he was trying to take custody. I was out of it for a while. Depressed and dead from the extensive delivery. I think I had this dream because yesterday someone told me the story about their friend who almost died twice in birth & they ended up pulling the plug on the child. & she has severe postpartum depression now.