Antioch Camp - ish

Date: 3/31/2017

By garrettmorrow_

The whole church was there, but UH has its own hostel type room. The Bonow's were in a house with the jasick's over the fence from us. There wasn't anything special about the room, but I remember the whole congregation was out by the lake hanging out, playing in the water, and just partying. I found a nice rope swing that was wayyyy too low to the ground and I kept swinging. There was a runway to where I could run and jump to get some air, but then I would have to pick up my legs when swinging back so the I didn't kick anyone in the head. While swinging, I remember seeing this 18-wheeler driving on the water. It wasn't a part of the Antioch group, but there was a toy airplane that was being driven on the water like a toy boat (but shaped like an airplane). As the truck was driving on the water, the plane was trying to be driven under the truck. It had to either go really fast and strait under it or go under it (passing the first wheel set) then wait for it to drive over it -so that the wheels didn't crush the airplane-boat.