I Go Back To Highschool

Date: 1/16/2017

By LucidGriffin

This was a really blurry dream. I just remember being in gym class and we were playing football. It was somewhat sunny outside and I was on offense at the moment. I was on the right side of the field going in for a deep pass but missed the catch. I remember thinking "it was because of my left hand" which made no sense but hey it's a dream. Then a random kid scored and for some reason we were on offense again. They kicked off to us and a guy from high school Justin Kelch caught it and ran it all the way down the field for a touchdown. We congratulated him and then it was time for class to be over. While I was walking back to somewhere I saw Riva at a desk randomly positioned in the the main hall. (The more I think about it the sharper the details become. It wasn't highschool but middle school, I was at Fort Herriman again, it had the same single giant hallway layout.) I really wanted to talk to her so I started talking about Luke and how he was doing. I didn't care so much about what Luke was up to, but I thought she was cute so there you go. That's all I can remember though. Oh, there's this weird image, or rather thought of me running away from an indoor sandstorm thing.