Bad Dogs

Date: 5/29/2017

By caitlynm14117

I was at this chapel outside and the way this place was set up you had this outside part with LOTS of chairs, then a steep hill with a fence on top, then a Main Street that has a bunch of shops. The outside chapel had a real church behind it. It looked like one of those really old churches. So in front and to the left of the open chair part there was a bunch of woods. I think the in front woods had a little path so we could get from the road to the open place. Anyway, I see these 3 big dogs coming out of the path and all the teachers at this outside chapel are telling the kids to keep away from the edges of the lines of chairs so if the dogs come down the aisles they won't attack you. Well some of the guys were super dumb and they decide to stand in the rows and try to pet the dogs. One guy near me named Jack was doing that and I was screaming at him "You're going to die! Oh my gosh don't be so stupid!" And he was like "It's fine." And then I got so scared that I ran out of there and when I got up to the road I walked a little bit. Then this school bus pulls up to pick me up and I told the driver to take me to the church so I could pick up the stuff I left. As I was about to go into the church I woke up.