Wild from start to finish..Drugs and tower jumping?!

Date: 1/21/2017

By peachy

(It's in the perspective of me sending it to the guy I like) I was at school and it was the last day of school Idk but I was trying to leave and this girl was singing and I told her it was really good and then somehow my little cousins were there and they all started hugging me but I was going to leave and I saw my friend Olivia left her bag and I went to look for her and I found her leaving and was like here you forgot and she hugged me she's like thanks and she told me to go with her and her bf and we were going to this show thing or something and she told me this guy in the show was attractive and right when it was done we were walking to her car when she just ran to the other guys car and jumped in and there was an old guy in there he's like think about who you love and she went back to her bfs car really upset and I got in too and her bf got REALLY mad like idek how mad he started driving really insanely and Olivia's like dan stop we're gonna crash and I'm like woa holy shit chill and he literally started driving like in fucking gta he went off the road onto grass like really fucking fast and broke through a Fuckin house and went across a highway and did a flip and I almost said outloud this isn't fcking gta but I realized How scary the situation was and I'm like we're going to die and all a sudden tons of cops and shit were after us and these helis were shooting at us and we spun around on the edge of a bridge and Olivia was just crying her eyes out and I was trying to think of how we could Get out of this and there was traffic crashed everywhere and tons of guns shooting at us and we all got out and started running and we found a huge thing of grass and were all trying to crawl across for some reason we were then all wearing white suits and I'm like they are gonna spot us too easy with this and I took mine off my other clothes were underneath though and I just started sprinting like crazy dodging the bullets and we got to this building and all started climbing like crazy and I guess we were in New York City too and we got to the top of this tower and all a sudden I was with Yella too and m other friend Bre and Olivia and her bf disappeared ?? Idk but they were running too i have no idea why but I swear to god when we got To the top of this really tall tower I could feel the wind blowing in me and when I looked down I got dizzy bc we were so high up but it was starting to get dark and all the lights in the city were on It was so beautiful but terrifying at the same time and we had to jump across to another tower and keep running and we got ontop of this white building and yella is like this is the apple tower I'm like we better be careful then so it doesn't break (cus apples shit lmao Idk) and we kept running and jumping bc there were still helis trying to find us I could hear them on those loud things saying stop running were gonna shoot all of you so we went even faster and had to crawl down into the side of the building and we jumped in through the window and before that I wanted to take a pic of the city bc I knew I might die and I was wondering what my family was thinking if they knew and we dropped down into the place and there was tons of people working forming these creepy things and it was like a bunch of huge white blocks for the walls and ceiling and everhthing sooo white and we tried to sneak past the workers but this one guy saw me he's like damn there you are man come help me and I'm like oh shit and I pushed him out of the window and we went across to this other building And there was a guy working outside so I pushed Him off the top of the tower lol and when we jumped down again it wa alike this HUGE aquarium place and it was so fucking pretty and my mouth was just like dropped open it was crazy and we all were really thirsty from running but we didn't wanna drink the water and we found this place where the water was really really shallow and there was like plantlife everywhere and I jumped down and yella found a bowl of something she thought was water and she chugged half of it and she said oh no these are all the fucking drugs for the aquarium and as she said that i was drinking the last of it and I screamed fuck and I'm like go!! Go get something now or we're Gonna die and instantly I could feel being hit with these feelings and I was sitting on top of this rock trying to hold on and everhthing started slowing down and spinning and I started hearing creepy noises and shit and I saw a worker coming near me and she was morphing into a big creature and I got so fuckin scared and everything was blurry and the colors were mixing so I hid in the corner and went on snapchat and started calling you I have no idea why I was calling on there but the drugs were absolutely Fucking me up like. I thought I was about to die and I'm like ethan and you like what I'm like there's some crazy shit going on but I think I'm about to die and you're like woa what are you doing where tf are you ?? And I'm like I don't fucking know but I need help and I started fcking crying for some reason and fell off the rock or whatever and dropped my phone and screamed fuck and my vision was twisting into like a tunnel and I saw this really pretty thing across the room and as I ran for it it was actually the edge of the window and boom I jumped off and everything went in slow motion and i looked towards the ground I was falling fast and then I woke up